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Should I Look For a Job During the Pandemic?

Should I look for a job now.

Why COVID-19 Should Not Keep You From Finding a Job If you are currently unemployed during the pandemic, you may be wary of going out and finding a new job. Currently, more than 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits as more and more businesses shut their doors for the last time. When you […]

How to Have a Difficult Conversation With Your Boss

how to talk to your boss

Best Practices for Awkward Conversations In your professional life, you’re going to have more awkward conversations than you’d like. An awkward conversation can be one of a bunch of different things. Maybe you want to ask for a promotion! Maybe you need to report inappropriate behavior from a coworker. Whatever your conversation may be, it […]

The Importance of Reaching Out During the Pandemic

reach out to family and friends

There is No Reason We Should be Isolated As we all continue with staying at home during the pandemic, we all have about a thousand different things on our minds. With working remotely, getting groceries, staying safe and binging “Tiger King” all consuming our days, we tend to forget about other people in our lives. […]

Do’s And Don’ts For Your Stimulus Check

What to do and not to do with your stimulus check.

Use Your Stimulus Check to Invest in Yourself As people everywhere frantically refresh their banking app hoping that their $1,200 stimulus check was added to their account, we need to stop and consider what we need to use this money for during the pandemic. If you are still waiting for your check, you can check […]

Top 5 Tools for Working at Home

5 Tools to work from home.

5 Tools to Make Working at Home Easier Now that many of us are working from home, it’s time to figure out what we can do to make this transition easier. Whether you are the boss or another employee in the chain, it’s important to know what tools you can use to make the switch […]

5 Skills That Can Help You Get Hired in Media

SKills Resume Resume Building

What Are Some Skills and Programs That Stand Out on a Resume Whenever I get a resume in from a new hire, I always dread looking at the software and skills that they know. More often than naught, the only skill I will see is Microsoft Office. For a job that requires the person be […]

COVID-19 We’ll All Get Through This Together

Vali Produce, Bread Aisle, March 15, 2020

A national emergency has been declared. Restaurants are closed, events with 250 people or more are banned, you can’t even kiss your grandmother. Hello! This is temporary. Wash your hands, don’t lick the handrails and you will live to tell your grandchildren about the pandemic of 2020. Just remember to “shake hands” with your elbows […]

How to Negotiate Salary

Salary negotiations job search job hunt resume

Negotiating Salary When you get a new job, one of the most awkward, yet one of the most important conversations you have is the one about salary. The job is right there for the taking, but if the salary offer is a far cry from what you need, then the job might not be meant […]