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There is No Reason We Should be Isolated

As we all continue with staying at home during the pandemic, we all have about a thousand different things on our minds. With working remotely, getting groceries, staying safe and binging “Tiger King” all consuming our days, we tend to forget about other people in our lives.

Sure, we’ve been checking in on our elderly or at-risk friends and family, but there are others we should reach out to.

Many People Cannot Handle Isolation

A lot of the time, we write off reaching out to people because we think they are “okay.”

That word “okay” might seem like we are only referring to their health and their financial situation, but it refers to so much more. As we are all self-quarantining, we are all growing more and more stir-crazy, and many of us are getting depressed.

Reach out to those who live alone to see how they are doing with self-isolation. Although you cannot be there in person, you can chat with them and even play games with them.

Talking with someone for even just an hour can make all of the difference in the world.

Some People Need Wellness Checks

There’s an old saying that goes,” No news is good news.” However, during the pandemic, no news isn’t always good news.

If you haven’t heard from someone in a few days or even weeks, you might want to check in on them. Many people are stubborn and will flat-out refuse medical attention if they get sick. Make sure that when you reach out to people, you get a good sense of how their health is doing. As a friend experienced when his father didn’t answer the phone for two days and was found unable to get off the bathroom floor. He survived, but it took six months to recover.

Remember, the symptoms for COVID-19 are on the CDC website, and they recently added some new symptoms.

Also, some people simply do not want to come off as a bother. They could very well be running low on groceries, but they don’t have the ability to get any, or the financial means. If you have the financial ability to get them groceries, or the ability to drive supplies over to them, consider doing so. Otherwise, you can find help for them as well.

You can leave supplies on their doorstep, and message them to know that they are there. Just make sure to remind them to wipe down and sterilize everything first!

People With Kids Have it So Much Worse

If you have kids, you know just how much harder everything is for you. If you don’t have kids, show some sympathy for those who do.

With many schools closing for the year and summer activities being postponed, parents now need to spend all day taking care of their children and entertaining them. That may seem like part of the job description of being a parent, but when you realize that this is their life now every day, and that they are entirely stuck indoors, you can see why things are extra difficult.

If you can keep your friend’s or family member’s kids entertained for an hour or two by reading a book or playing a game via Zoom or Skype, the parent can then do something else like clean up, run an errand, cook dinner, or even shower or nap.

Trust us, parents everywhere will take you up on the offer.

Many Business Need Help

If you have a friend or family member that owns a business, they are facing unprecedented circumstances. As fears of having to close loom, there may be something you can do to help!

Many businesses are now looking for help with marketing and also redesigning their websites. A lot are also looking for new networking opportunities with nowhere to go. If you can help in any of these areas or others, reach out to them and see what you can do to assist them. Who knows, this may turn into a long-standing business relationship!

If you know a friend who needs a job now, you can share this article with them about the one-million jobs that are now available!

Everyone Needs a Break From the Monotony

Even if you live with your best friends or your amazing family, you are still probably getting bored. If you are living in that situation and you’re getting bored, you can only imagine how others are feeling.

Luckily, through the magic of social media you can now communicate with your friends and family and keep each other entertained. You can have game nights with everyone, and even start competitions. Many people are having cooking competitions via Facebook Live. Grab a few random ingredients from your fridge and pantry and challenge your Facebook friends

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