Job searches can be intimidating and the first part of the job search process is fine tuning your resume to get noticed by potential employers. However, this can be a difficult task for many people for a myriad of reasons. Some people have trouble writing about themselves and truly conveying their value or worth on their resumes, cover letters or LinkedIn accounts. Other people don’t understand that their is a science behind resume writing including making the document ATS compliant to include the best/most key words possible for the position you are seeking. There are several reasons to hire a professional resume writer that we will examine.

Hire a Writer with Comprehensive Experience

Professional resume writers have a comprehensive and unique understanding of the job search process. Most people are not educated on drafting a resume in school and even some advice that is given at universities isn’t the best for landing interviews. When writing their own resumes many potential job candidates use a template they find online or in the Microsoft Word template system. Although these may seem like good choices they are not often the best when applying online or getting hiring managers to seriously read them. 

Certified writers consistently execute strategic market research into the job search industry to provide clients with the best services. “People should hire professional resume writers because of the value added through their experience in the industry,” says Jim Sungaila, former Communications Director of a Fortune 500 company and professional writer at Oakbrook Resume Service. “They have experience and expertise while coming from a myriad of professional writing backgrounds and have come to understand and provide dynamic assessment of client needs,” he continues. 

When researching a resume service to help you ensure that you do your due diligence. There are many companies that offer cheap services but don’t have experienced staff writers that do their best to help the client. Many places will just re-word your current resume without providing proper service to ensure a high-quality result. Make sure you take the time to find a writer that you trust and has developed a professional rapport within the resume writing industry to ensure you are getting the best service.

Trust the Process

Resume writing is like many other industries in that quality results take time and collaboration. Many resume services will have anywhere between a 3-5 business day turn around as the fastest option unless they have a service to charge an extra fee for a rushed document. However, it is important to give your writer time and be patient for the final product.

Another important thing to understand is that a professional writer does have many of the tools to deliver a high-quality document, but the resume writing process is a collaborative experience between writer and client. As a client you have to work with your writer to answer questions and provide information so that the writer has all the tools to best represent you on the resume. Joe Wolz, a former professor and writer at A Better Resume Service  attests “Trust the experts, collaboration is key to a good resume so be willing to work with them.” 

The more information that a resume writer has, the easier it will be for them to deliver your document. Part of the process is to revise the document as well. Writers do as much as possible to prevent mistakes but with anything else they aren’t always 100% avoidable. During proofing sessions ensure to read your document carefully, ask questions and provide any suggestions as you see fit. This allows you and the writer to finalize a document you are confident and comfortable with.

What to do in Preparation for a Job Search

Being prepared to go into a job search is the best way to guarantee results. Resumes are an integral part in landing a job and need to highlight your skills, accomplishments and overall value to get your food in the door for an interview and potential new career. 

There are several important parts to a resume including format, content and key word usage that all stand out to potential employers. As Graham Nelson a writer that has worked with more than 30,000 clients at Harvard Oaks Enterprises says it, “You wouldn’t venture out to sea without a ship and you should go into your job search without the right resume.” 

Preparation is key in landing the perfect potential job, so instead of going out to sea with a ship that may pop a leak (or worse sink), go out to sea in the best vessel possible and do the same with your resume when entering the job search process.

Resume Writers Understand an Employer’s Point of View

One last advantage that a professional can provide is understanding what employers are looking for in the industry. Rick Hansen of Resume of Tinley Park, with more than 15 years experience, puts it best in his opinion on why to hire a professional, “Not only do resume writers possess the outside perspective that each one of us lacks when writing about ourselves, but they know how to look at people from an employer’s point of view. They are accustomed to identifying the pros and cons of each person’s background and developing customized strategies that generate employer interest. Professional writers know how to make your phone ring, especially when they’ve been doing it a while and have a record of results among clients in all industries.” Hansen isn a senior writer and manager and understands exactly what it takes to get results. 

All of these talents that professionals can provide will strongly aid in securing a job. Resume writers consistently build and maintain a unique knowledge of industries and work with the client to provide an invaluable service to get you into a new positions.



Do you want to enhance your job search and get your resume written by a professional resume writer. Contact Chad Hanna at or call 773-525-4250 to set up an appointment and fine tune your resume to get results.

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