If you’ve been looking for work lately, you’ve undoubtedly felt discouraged, unhappy and unmotivated at times.

You want nothing more than to find a position where you can practice your abilities, but even the employers for which you are overqualified aren’t returning your calls. Soon, you’re doing a job that barely covers the bills and that you could accomplish while sleeping.

We understand–you are capable of so much more, yet you can’t seem to get ahead. The problem is that the job market is unique, and no one teaches job seekers how to navigate it.

We’ll do everything we can to assist you in navigating the job market and landing your next ideal job.

Keep Your Vaccination Documentation Handy

Vaccination proof is now being required by many employers.

President Biden revealed his Path Out of the Pandemic plan on September 9, 2021, which includes obligatory COVID-19 vaccination for select private sector, federal government and health care workers. The proposal also requires eligible private firms to provide paid time off for employees to be vaccinated and recuperate from any vaccination-related negative effects. Large entertainment venues are also encouraged, but not required, to necessitate evidence of vaccination or a negative test before admission.

While it isn’t necessary, it is clear proof of vaccination is becoming the standard for organizations even outside of the private sector. It’s a good idea to have your vaccination documents in a safe place, and be ready to present them to your future employers.

Online Job Hunting Is Here To Stay 

How many times have you clicked a link to fill out an application, only to be prompted to establish a profile, upload your whole employment history, discuss your school background and provide a slew of personal details, all of which are already on your resume?

Yes, it can quickly become irritating. If you’ve applied to a job online, you’ve almost certainly been asked to answer questions that the employer can readily locate on your resume, but there is a reason for this irksome hiring practice.

The chief reason is Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS for short. ATS strategies are increasingly used by hiring managers and businesses. These systems sift through applications, screening out those that don’t include the keywords or phrases that firms are looking for in their candidates. This may appear to be relatively benign, but it is the reason for organizations requiring you to fill out your information on their job portal–it’s easier to apply these ATS parameters to preexisting fields as opposed to inconsistent resume documents.

Learn how to optimize your resume and information for ATS.

Social Media Is A Necessity

You must have some form of social media presence if you want to get work in the current job market. If you don’t, you’ll be perceived as someone who doesn’t know how to network and isn’t up to date on current events.

You must have a social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn. Make some profiles, update them and include them in your portfolio.

Interviews Are Remote

As the trend swings toward remote work and hiring becomes more globalized, video interviews are getting more common.

Virtual interviews are a more cost-effective and time-saving alternative to in-person interviews. They provide hiring managers with a more personal first- or second-round interview compared to phone interviews, while allowing candidates more flexibility than in-person interviews.

Remote Work Isn’t Going Away

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 marked a great shift in public perception of office work, as a plethora of organizations shifted to a work from home model. In fact, some experts say that once the Covid dust has settled, remote work will be one of the many lasting cultural repercussions.

For some people. Getting remote work may seem like a dream come true. Those who enjoy working from home will tell you there are many benefits to doing so. You will have more freedom in scheduling your time, no more getting stuck in traffic on your way to work, more time for yourself and family and the possibility to work when traveling across the world.

Resume Competition Is Stiff

As ATS becomes the hiring norm, a lot of proactive job seekers are hiring professional resume writers to ensure their documents are optimized and competitive. Consider hiring a professional resume writer today. Click here to schedule a free consultation.


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