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Looking for a Great Resume Service?

In today’s competitive market and with changes in electronic distribution and processing, you can help forward your career by enlisting the assistance of a professional resume writer. To follow are some suggestions for making the right choice.

Welcome To A Better Resume Newsletter

Articles of Interest This Month We are so excited about our newsletter. Simply click on one of the links below. 1). Protecting Your Online Reputation – Your First Priority This is more important than ever! Click here. 2). Improve Your Personal and Professional Life Myers-Briggs – Better Self-Understanding. Click here. 3). A Linkedin Profile – […]

Get A Head Start On The Hiring Season

This is an article written by a colleague of mine, Mike Mara which I like to bring out in time for the holidays. The end of the year isn’t only a great season feast with family or shop for gifts for your loved ones; it’s also a good time to find yourself a new job. […]


Have you often wonder about the following? Why do certain people have the ability to dominate a conversation, while others sit idly by? Why is it that some individuals are more sensitive than others? Do facts help you to make decision more than emotion? Does a strict schedule or a relaxed environment stress you out? […]

4 Ways to Save on Outplacement Services

Outplacement does not have to be a burden on an employer. In the ebb and flow of business, inevitably and employer must face staff reductions. Long-term, loyal employees are no longer able to be employed. Decision-makers must identify ways to make the transition easier. Often outplacement services are engaged which can be expensive, however; there […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Resume Today

Having a resume ready should be a priority of anyone currently working. Like an insurance policy, having a resume up to date allows one to act on opportunities with short notice. A current resume is important for the following reasons: 1). Employers Often Request Updated Resumes for Promotions To identify the most motivated and qualified […]