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Category: Corona Virus

The Importance of Reaching Out During the Pandemic

reach out to family and friends

There is No Reason We Should be Isolated As we all continue with staying at home during the pandemic, we all have about a thousand different things on our minds. With working remotely, getting groceries, staying safe and binging “Tiger King” all consuming our days, we tend to forget about other people in our lives. […]

COVID-19 We’ll All Get Through This Together

Vali Produce, Bread Aisle, March 15, 2020

A national emergency has been declared. Restaurants are closed, events with 250 people or more are banned, you can’t even kiss your grandmother. Hello! This is temporary. Wash your hands, don’t lick the handrails and you will live to tell your grandchildren about the pandemic of 2020. Just remember to “shake hands” with your elbows […]