What Are Some Skills and Programs That Stand Out on a Resume

Whenever I get a resume in from a new hire, I always dread looking at the software and skills that they know. More often than naught, the only skill I will see is Microsoft Office. For a job that requires the person be able to write, edit, interview, design, shoot photos, work social media, post web content and work as part of an editorial board, I need to see that the person knows more than how to open a Word document or make a PowerPoint presentation.

If you have the necessary skills on your resume and your competitors don’t, that tells the company that is hiring you that you will need far less training. Some of these skills are easier than others and can take a matter of days to get down. Some of these might even be skills you already know! Whatever the case, make sure you have these skills on your resume before you submit another one!

5. Adobe Creative Suite/Photoshop

For any print media design job, you need to know at least InDesign and Photoshop. For any job in media design in general, Photoshop is a must. Luckily, the Adobe Creative Suite isn’t nearly as expensive as it once was. You can buy a monthly subscription to it and start learning right away. There are plenty of YouTube videos that can teach you how to master the programs like the one below:

4. SEO/Google Analytics

As you probably know, writing for print is far different than writing for the web. If you have a background in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), make sure you put it on your resume. Knowledge of SEO best practices shows that not only can you write well, but you can make it perform well online. If you don’t know SEO, make sure start soon! There are hundreds of SEO products on the market right now, but the cheapest, easiest, and most popular is Google Analytics. It is free to use, and easy to learn. Learning to improve site rankings and using link building tools and ways to promote content on tumblr can also be valuable.

3. WordPress

It’s a bit crazy just how many companies use WordPress for their website. It has all of the tools that companies need built right into it with everything else you need just a plugin away! If you know how to use WordPress, your potential can rest assured that you know how to post content, track how it performs with SEO and also help monitor the site. If you become the person that mainly monitors the WordPress site(s) for your company, you can make yourself an invaluable asset. If you become the person that mainly monitors the WordPress site(s) for your company, you can make yourself an invaluable asset.link building tools and ways to promote content on tumblr can also be valuable.

It can take a short time to learn the basics of WordPress, but a long time to master some of the more niche characteristics of the site. You will need to learn a bit of coding if you truly want to be an all-star.

2. Communication software (Slack, ZoomShift, Skype, Jabber, etc)

For most media companies, there is a lot of communication with writers, editors and designers across the globe. As you need to communicate with these individuals in real time, companies often use communication tools like Slack, ZoomShift and Skype. Of my last six jobs, five required that I use Slack.

Slack is your basic instant messaging service. You can send messages to individuals as well as start group chats. In all honesty, you can figure out how to use Slack in under an hour. ZoomShift and Skype are for video calls. You might have used Skype for personal reasons, but it is also commonly used by many businesses.

1. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)

Right now you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy.

Far from it.

Every single media job that I have had has required me to not only have a social media presence, but to also post and share on behalf of the company. Web content simply will not perform as well without proper usage of social media. What’s even better is you probably already have an account on at least one of these platforms, so you don’t need to worry about training! Throw your knowledge on your resume, and get ready for some calls back. Just make sure you have a positive image on social media first!

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