Should I look for a job now.

Why COVID-19 Should Not Keep You From Finding a Job

If you are currently unemployed during the pandemic, you may be wary of going out and finding a new job. Currently, more than 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits as more and more businesses shut their doors for the last time.

When you pair your unemployment benefits with your stimulus check, you may think that you are sitting prettier than when you were working.

Remember, your unemployment benefits are still taxable in the United States. Even if you are able to survive after having income tax taken out of your benefits, your insurance benefits may be close to running out. Finally, if you stay out of your industry for too long, it be hurt you in the long run when you try to apply for jobs again.

Still not enough for you? How about the fact that despite everything going on in the world, there are still more than one-million jobs available right now!

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Drama of Everything

We are not trying to downplay the severity of everything that is going on. The virus has killed more U.S. citizens than the Vietnam War. It is very serious, and we should all take the proper precautions.

With that being said, we still need to realize that this is a temporary problem; not the apocalypse. States are gradually starting to reopen, businesses are still enforcing CDC regulations and life will get back to normal soon enough.

It is important to separate fact from fiction when you read about how the pandemic is affecting the world. Get your information directly from the CDC, or a non-biased news sources such as the Associated Press.

If you allow yourself to get caught up in the drama and fear of what is happening, you will lose sight of the future you want to build. Continue to set goals for yourself, and continue to work towards the life you want to lead. Sure, you might have to wear a KN95 mask will you reach those goals, but reach them you will.

You Only Stay in the Game If You Have Skin in the Game

Yes, that is loosely a quote from “Hamilton.”

Normal life is slowly but surely returning. Once it does, it is going to be a mad rush for people to find jobs. Once that happens where would you want to be? Do you want to be another resume in a stack of hundreds or even thousands? Or, do you want to be the person who has been hustling to get back in the game long before anyone else?

The longer you wait to get back to work and progress your career is to throw yourself back out into the workforce. Remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to work on location before it is safe to do so. Many experts predict that the pandemic will have prolonged effects to the way we do business, including more companies allowing work from home opportunities.

Make a Plan of Attack

We’re not saying that you should throw yourself to the sharks while throwing caution to the wind. Make a plan of what you are going to do next. Decide what you want next in your career, and move forward with that plan.

Ask yourself if you want to stay within your field, or try another opportunity. Ask if you want to make a career move, or if you want to find a job that is more stable or pays better.

Sit down with friends or family members (preferably over Zoom) and talk about what you want in your future. They can offer you some solid advice, and offer some words of encouragement. If you need assistance in finding the proper tax forms, you can consult with your accountant.

If you are planning to get back out into the workplace, make sure you do so with an expertly crafted resume. Remember, there are going to be hundreds of resumes that go out for the jobs you want. Don’t you want yours to make an impression and not end up in a recycling bin like the others?

If you need help getting ready for the next step in your career, we can help! Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume-writing professional! All services can be rendered virtually with no in-office meetings.


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