Outplacement does not have to be a burden on an employer. In the ebb and flow of business, inevitably and employer must face staff reductions. Long-term, loyal employees are no longer able to be employed. Decision-makers must identify ways to make the transition easier. Often outplacement services are engaged which can be expensive, however; there are ways to provide benefits to employees while maintaining a financially responsible position. Below are some suggestions which can significantly reduce outplacement costs.

1). Work with a Local Organization

Every major metropolitan area has numerous service providers. Distance creates cost in travel, inefficiency, contractors and accessibility. All those expenses are factored in to what you pay while they do not add value to the services your employees receive.

2). Engage Outplacement Services Provided on an “Out-Patient” Basis

The most cost effective Outplacement Services meet with individuals on an as needed basis. It may seem of value to provide an office suite, secretarial support, a telephone and a coach for 8 hours a day, but in today’s job search environment, a majority of tasks can be completed from home.

3). Purchase Core Services

Look into purchasing a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile preparation and possibly interview training. These are the necessary tools to find employment. A focus on these services can reduce outplacement costs by up to 75%. Keep in mind that without a resume, the job service does not begin. A process which begins with personality tests, sessions on job search and other time consuming services can delay starting the employment process by a weeks if not a month or more.

Save on outplacement services for your employees
Employees can benefit from outplacement services.

4). Only Pay for Services Which Your Employees Use

Often an outplacement contract provides blanket services with no accountability. Rarely will an outplacement service prepare a resume but will coach or teach an individual to prepare their own. If an employee finds a job right away, the outplacement company clams success and justifies fees regardless of time allocated to the job seeker. When an job seeker opts out of certain options by refusing them or simply not participating, the employer receives no discount.

If you are a Chicago-based employer and are looking for outplacement services, contact Harvard Oaks Enterprises, Inc. Our outplacement packages start at $495 per employee. We are a 30-year old company with an A+ BBB rating and a track record of successfully assisting job seekers in our Chicago, Oakbrook, Naperville and Tinley Park offices. You can reach someone to speak about outplacement directly at 1-800-730-3244.

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