Having a resume ready should be a priority of anyone currently working. Like an insurance policy, having a resume up to date allows one to act on opportunities with short notice. A current resume is important for the following reasons:

1). Employers Often Request Updated Resumes for Promotions
To identify the most motivated and qualified employees, individuals will often be asked to submit a resume for consideration. If the resume does not illustrated the most recent work history, it could be more detrimental than helpful. Be ready for new internal opportunities with a updated resume.

2). The Best Positions are Filled the Quickest
Not only are the best positions most desirable, but they are likely to have the most competitors. It has been proven that candidates who interview early are often compared to those who interview later. The ability to respond quickly also applies to opportunities which are obtained through word of mouth.

3). Networking, Networking, Networking
Always keep a resume with you in your portfolio or briefcase. Often your history can be used to illustrate your capabilities. Resumes are used as part of consideration for recognition, application for positions of leadership for trade groups or for meeting introductions. It is always easy to forward your resume through a friend if you have one ready.

4). It’s Easy to Forget Your Accomplishments
An up-to-date resume is a journal of what you do. When you update every six months, it is easier to determine your greatest accomplishments and document them. People who wait years to update have to pull records, contact people and end up with a lot of head scratching.

5). Peace of Mind
You can rest easy than knowing you are ready when the opportunity arises. Don’t let an outdated resume keep you from your comfort zone.

At A Better Resume Service we maintain resumes on file for the purpose of updating. Making changes and adding new positions is quick and easy. If you schedule an appointment, often small updates can be completed while you wait. Don’t delay, start today.

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