How Corona Virus has Emptied Cities

The Coronavirus and Cities

Of all the impacts COVID-19 has had on the country, one of the areas that has been impacted most is big cities.

As a Chicago resident, I can give firsthand knowledge on just how much of an impact that pandemic has had on life in the city. Areas that were once bustling and filled with people now feel more like ghost towns.

There are many other serious ramifications that the coronavirus has had, but there also things that you should consider in order to stay ahead of the curve once the world returns to normal.

Offices Are Closing Left and Right

All across the country, offices in downtown locations are closing. Basically, during quarantine a lot of business could not resume normal operations, so they had their teams work from home. As a result, a lot of businesses could not manage the change and closed while other businesses realized that they did not need to return to working in their offices at all.

Basically, businesses are always working at cutting costs, so when they realized that they did not need to pay rent at expensive downtown office space, they canceled their lease.

People Don’t Feel Safe Shopping Downtown

Major downtown department stores are known for attracting thousands of people every day. During the pandemic, many people are avoiding going to downtown stores as the amount of people spurs worry about catching the coronavirus.

When people do shop, they typically elect to either do a mobile pickup order or shop at a store in a more rural location. As a result, stores are closing downtown, and there are even more people without jobs.

People Are Moving to Rural Locations

A lot of people simply are not going to feel safe at all living in urban locations. Some of the necessities of urban life like public transportation now seem like breeding grounds for COVID-19. Even densely populated neighborhoods can feel a bit unsafe. Also, living in the city is considerably more expensive than living in an urban setting. Since people can’t really reap the rewards of city-life, the extra money that it costs to live there doesn’t seem worth it.

As a result, many people are moving to more rural areas. Although people are moving for safety reasons, the reality is that you can expect to see an economic boom in rural areas. More people means more business and more jobs.

Want to Find Work in a Rural Area?

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