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Improving Yourself in 2020

This year has given us a lot of hardships, but also a lot of opportunity for self-improvement.

We took the liberty of looking through some of the best self-help books on the market and found some great advice that is more pertinent now than ever. We compiled some of our favorite points for this list below.

Be Thankful

Simple “thank you’s” can go a long way. If you are applying for jobs, sending a “thank you” message to your interviewers can make a major impact. It shows that you are a professional and that you have manners.

When you are grateful for opportunity, you will receive more opportunities.

Take Your Jobs LESS Seriously

Recently, you probably saw an article we wrote about a recent self-help book. The book itself is about having a high emotional intelligence and having good emotional understanding while at work. However, it also dives into some of the best behaviors you should have while at work. This includes taking your job LESS seriously.

Many of us have a fear of missing out that keeps us from feeling comfortable enough to step away from our jobs. We also tend to avoid taking breaks and going on vacations due to this same fear of missing out.  By taking our job less seriously, we don’t start to do our job worse; we start to taking care of ourselves more effectively.

Avoid Judging Others Too Soon

All too often we are quick to judge others. How they look, how they dress and their first impressions can cause us to paint an inaccurate picture of them too early. Instead, give more people the benefit of the doubt so that you can have a more accurate understanding of who that person is.

Judging others too soon can lead to you growing a bitter personality and a bad reputation. Instead, you can be seen as one who extends the olive branch and a solid person to have in your network.

Get Better at Sleeping

There’s a good chance that you suck at sleeping. If you sleep for eight hours most nights, but you still find yourself tired throughout the day, then there is something wrong with your sleep pattern.

Consider conducting a sleep study so you can learn what you can do or what you need in order to wake up revitalized and refreshed!


Along with needing to know how to talk to people, you need to learn how to listen as well. Typically, people listen in order to respond. Instead, you need to learn how to listen to understand. Even if someone is coming at you with an opinion you disagree with, you can still listen to them in order to gain a better understanding of where they come from or why they feel this way.

A good way to do this is to start active listening. This is where you ask questions while someone is speaking with you in order to get a grasp on their point. You may find out quickly that your initial opinions are inaccurate and that you needed to spend time listening rather than talking.

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