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How To Nail a Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular as the world shifts towards remote work and recruiting becomes more globalized. Virtual interviews are a more efficient and speedier option than scheduling in-person interviews. They allow hiring managers a more intimate first-round interview compared to phone interviews, while offering the candidate more flexibility than an in-person interview. Consider […]

How to Find a Job in 30 Days or Less

How to Find a Job in 30 Days           The job market is hot and unemployment has been at one the lowest levels since we’ve seen during the recession more than ten years ago. According the the most recent jobs report, it’s clear the economy is continuing to add new jobs […]

Welcome To A Better Resume Newsletter

Articles of Interest This Month We are so excited about our newsletter. Simply click on one of the links below. 1). Protecting Your Online Reputation – Your First Priority This is more important than ever! Click here. 2). Improve Your Personal and Professional Life Myers-Briggs – Better Self-Understanding. Click here. 3). A Linkedin Profile – […]


Have you often wonder about the following? Why do certain people have the ability to dominate a conversation, while others sit idly by? Why is it that some individuals are more sensitive than others? Do facts help you to make decision more than emotion? Does a strict schedule or a relaxed environment stress you out? […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Resume Today

Having a resume ready should be a priority of anyone currently working. Like an insurance policy, having a resume up to date allows one to act on opportunities with short notice. A current resume is important for the following reasons: 1). Employers Often Request Updated Resumes for Promotions To identify the most motivated and qualified […]

Promissary Note Offering – 10.95%

For our friends and clients – read below for details and gift certificates If you have funds available that are paying you the standard bank interest of 1-2%, then this may be a consideration for increasing your returns. What is our Offer? A Better Resume Service is offering a limited number of Promissory Notes paying […]