New CareerWhen it comes to resumes, one of the most prominent things that appears in a person’s mind is an objective statement. For years, the objective statement has been one of the cornerstones of the resume. It’s the spot on the document that allows job seekers to tell employers flat out what it is they want from them, a job. While an objective statement is certainly not the worst thing that you can include on a resume, it may not be the best either.

If you think about it, an objective statement is somewhat redundant. Obviously if you are applying for a position and submitting your resume for an employer to review, it’s a given that you are looking for a job. So when a prospective employer receives your resume, do you really want the first thing that they read to be something that they already know?

Instead of an objective statement, go for something that is going to tell the employer both something that they don’t already know and something that they want to hear. One way to achieve this is through a summary of qualifications. Don’t waste an employer’s time telling themwhat it is that you want from them (a job), tell them what it is that you have to offer with a summary of those attributes at the top of your resume.

A summary of qualifications is basically a brief description of your core skills and positive attributes that would make you an applicable candidate for the position you are interested in. Coming up with what to include in your summary may be easier than you think. Take a moment to visualize what are some of the things about yourself that you would want to stand out on your resume? What do you want a potential employer to know about you right off the bat? Start writing some of those ideas down, you may be surprised with what you come up with.

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