How to nail the internship interview

Tips For Your Internship Interview

Internships are the stepping stones that lead to the biggest points of our career. Nailing an interview for an internship can lead you to the job of your dreams while bombing an interview can harshly set you back.

If you don’t go into an interview with the right frame of mind, you may find yourself without a paddle before the interview even starts.

Follow the following tips to rest assured that your interview will go off without a hitch!

Do Your Homework

Before you go in for your interview, you need to learn about the company and your interviewer. Beforehand, you should know the following to be adequately prepared:

  • The names of the company and interviewer
  • What your internship will entail
  • What kind of time commitment this requires
  • What you need to know how to do
  • Where you will be working

During your interview, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, but the things you ask should be things that cannot be found out online or on the internship posting. If you ask simple questions, the interviewer will know that you did not research before the interview, and believe that you are not taking it seriously.

Be a Professional

Even though this is an interview for an internship rather than a job, you still need to go in like a professional. This means that you should wear a decent suit and talk like a professional.

You should bring in a copy of your resume and a list of references if you have them. If you have a portfolio of work that relates to this internship, you should bring it with as well.

Make sure that the interviewer knows that you’re taking this seriously, and that you believe that this interview is important. A lack of professionalism in this respect will cripple the interview before it even starts.

Ask the Right Questions

As we said before, you need to ask questions that cannot be answered just by doing your own basic research. You need to ask things that can only be learned from your interviewer.

The following are some strong questions to ask in your interview:

  • What do you want me to accomplish in this internship?
  • Does this internship have the potential to lead to job?
  • What are some of your previous interns doing now?
  • What are the biggest benefits of me doing this internship?

Ask questions like this and you’ll impress your interviewer and improve your chances of landing the internship.

Go in With a Winning Resume

If you go into this interview with a lousy resume, it doesn’t matter how professional or charming you are. You’ll lose out to a better resume every single time.

Chances are you already have all the background you need to get this internship, you just need help penning this onto paper. That’s where a professional resume writer can come in handy. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer. They can help turn your resume into a winner!

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