COVID Vaccine

More people than ever qualify for the COVID-19 Vaccine

This week President Biden announced that there would be enough vaccine for all adults in the United States by the end of May. Many states have rolled out aggressive vaccination programs which have provided inoculations to individuals in nursing homes and those over 65. With the introduction of the Johnson & Johnson one dose vaccine, availability is greater than ever. Vaccine is covered by insurance or is free for the uninsured.

How do I get the vaccine?

At this time, it is a combination of tenacity, luck and opportunity. The best advice is to ask those around you, monitor your state sites and sign up for alerts through major pharmacy chains.

Where do I find the lists?

Right here.


This site is exclusively for Illinois and provides hourly updates for vaccine availability. Check it regularly for vaccine opportunities in your area. Click here.


This site allows you to check availability and sign up for alerts. Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccine.

CVS Pharmacy

This site allows you to check availability and sign up for alerts. CVS Pharmacy

Good Rx

Comprehensive Multi-State Listings of COVID-19 Vaccine availability. Good Rx

Albertson’s Companies and Jewel Osco

This site allows you to check availability and sign up for alerts at 2,500 locations. COVID-19 Vaccine

State Guides

You can check out your health department updates with this New York Times COVID Vaccine Guide


The Center for Disease Control is a source for updated information.

The World Health Organization

For International News on COVID-19 visit the WHO website.

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