You have probably seen a ton of ads on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn recommending that you spice up your resume by hiring professional resume writers. Heck, you probably saw us recommend it to you in our articles and videos. The benefits that come with hiring a professional cannot be understated.
However, this article isn’t about that. The main reason why people don’t hire professional resume writers is because they just don’t understand what they are doing and why they can’t do it themselves. If you’ve considered hiring a professional resume writer, but you were worried about wasting your money, check out this information to help you make the decision.


Marketing YOU

The fact is that a professional resume writer is not just a good writer; they’re a good marketer. They know how to make you look like the missing piece of the puzzle that this hiring manager is being paid to find.

They’re a Good Writer and a Good Designer.

A professional resume writer knows how to write well. That should be obvious based off their title alone. However, they are also a good resume designer/formatter. Hop on Google Images and take a look at all the different-looking resumes that pop up when you Google “resume.”
The job you want can actually factor into how your resume should be designed and formatted. Some people want to see a bunch of technical skills listed first and foremost, and some want to see your rich employment history highlighted from the get-go.

They’re Not Just Writing a Resume; They’re Learning About You

A common misconception with professional resume writers is that you are going to send them your resume, they are going to make some edits, and then they’ll email it back to you after you cut them a check.
There is more to the job than that.
A professional resume writer won’t create a new resume for you until they interview first. They need to get a sense of who you are, what kind of job you want, and what kind of job you want to have eventually. They’re going to create a great resume for you, and also plot a course for you that will be sustainable for the foreseeable future of your career.

Defeating Applicant Tracking Systems

Companies today use applicant tracking systems to sift through all the applications they get for their job postings. These systems will automatically filter out resumes that don’t meet the criteria that the companies are looking for in their applicants. Professional resume writers are ATS certified which means that they have been trained to add the proper keywords, key phrases, and even formatting specificities that will get your resume out of the tracking system and into the hands of a hiring manager.

“I’m Still Not Sure…”

If you’re still skeptical about hiring a professional resume writer, we suggest that you talk with one yourself. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer. They will answer whatever questions you may have at no cost to you!

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