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Red Flags During Your Job Interview

We’ve covered before what you should do during your job interview, but there are a bunch of things you should NOT do during the interview as well.

If you have a job interview coming up, you need to make sure that you avoid these things and these types of behavior so that you have the best chance of landing the job!

Mumbling/Body Language

Not everyone is good at public speaking, and a lot of us get uncomfortable when we are the center of attention. If this sounds like you, you should consider practicing a job interview with a friend or relative so that you will be less uncomfortable when the time comes.

If you mumble rather than speaking clearly, the hiring manager will remember that about you rather than your qualifications. The same goes for if you are fidgety.

Stay calm, chill out and stay focused.

Poor Listening Skills

All too often during an interview, the candidate will ask a question that has already been answered by the interviewer during the interview. When you are being interviewed, listen to everything the interviewer is saying, and consider taking some notes.

When it comes time to ask questions, ask questions based on what you have been told thus far about the position. This shows that you were paying attention and will impress the hiring manager!

Lack of Professionalism

Talk and act like a professional. Don’t use rough language, wear professional attire and don’t speak ill about former employers.

Your job during an interview is to impress them, and you won’t do that if you behave like an adolescent.

Making Demands

There will be a time for you to negotiate for some things you will need in order to do this job, but the initial interview is not that time. Wait until you have an offer and begin salary negotiations.

Too often, people begin job interviews by explaining that they need certain days off, they need to be paid a certain amount or that they need certain benefits immediately.

There is a time and place to negotiate all of this, but it is not the initial interview.

A Resume That’s All Over the Place

There is a misconception that a resume lists all of your work history. This isn’t the case. Your resume is meant to be your experience that is related to the position you are hoping to land.

If you are applying for a job as a teacher, talk about your teaching-related jobs and your teaching education. Your time as a waiter at Olive Garden or time working in the warehouse at Target is not going to help you get the job.

Your resume might be all over the place without you knowing. You might need a professional resume writer to take a look at your resume to make sure it is ready to send out to hiring managers. Click here to schedule a free consultation with a professional resume writer. They can maximize your chances of getting the  job you want!

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