How to beat AI in job search

AI is Keeping You From Getting a Job

Nothing is more frustrating that applying for dozens of jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn and not receiving any responses to your applications.

What many people don’t realize is that there is AI that is keeping many people from getting their applications into the hands of an actual human.

Applicant Tracking Systems

This AI is known as the applicant tracking system or ATS. Applicant Tracking systems sift through the applications that a company receives from a job posting. From there, the system looks through the resumes looking for specific keywords or key phrases that fit the job description and the needs of the company.

These might sound logical to you, but they can get messy. First, not all applicant tracking systems are reliable. Some have been known to miss keywords because it could not read the font in the resume, or the system got confused and rejected the resume entirely.

Furthermore, there are many cases where a person is qualified for a job, but does not get it simply because their resume lacks a keyword. Basically, you can have everything that a company needs, but they won’t ever see you because of an applicant tracking system.

If Applicant Tracking Systems Are Bad For Me, Why Do Companies Use Them?

Applicant Tracking Systems are very common in larger companies that receive huge amounts of responses to their job listings. Because companies don’t have the manpower to sift through the literal thousands of applications that they can get, they rely on applicant tracking systems to weed out the ones that aren’t qualified.

Also, because of the sheer number of applicants, many companies realize that there will be multiple applicants that are qualified for the position, so even if a few qualified people are passed up, the position will still be filled soon.

So What Can I Do to Beat the ATS?

The first things that you should consider is hiring a professional resume writer. Our professional resume writers are ATS certified which means that they are proven to be able to maximize your chances of getting your application passed an ATS, and into the hands of a human.

Click here to schedule a free consultation. Remember, all services can be done virtually, so you do not have to come in and risk your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic!


As for what you can do, the sad reality is that unless you take your job search away from online application processes, you’re going to be at the mercy of the ATS.


This means that you should strive to have as much human interaction as you can. Reach out to actual humans about job postings. See if one of your LinkedIn connections can make an introduction for you with someone from that company.


If you speak with a person rather than rely on the mercy of an ATS, you can personally explain why you are qualified for the position, and talk about why your experience has made you qualified for the position. Remember, the purpose of your application is to get to this point, so if you can get to this point by yourself, you don’t need the application.



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