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What to Ask in Your Interview

One of the most daunting parts of the job interview is when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions.

You don’t want to offend them by asking the wrong questions, but you also don’t want to seem unprepared by not asking them any questions.

TheBalanceCareers recently made a comprehensive list of great questions that you can ask during your interview. Here are some of our favorites along with some that we think you should ask as well.

What Would My Typical Week Look Like?

Most likely, not every day will be the same at your job, but your weeks may look pretty similar. This is a good way to gauge what if you are capable of doing this job and to determine whether or not this is something that you want to do.

Are There Chances to Work Remotely?

Obviously if you are applying for a job as a waiter, plumber or some other service job, this is a stupid question.  However, if you are going to be seated at a computer for the bulk of your day, this is a fair thing to ask.

During the pandemic, so many people realized that they could do their job entirely from home. This will save you money on gas and on eating out. Ask your boss whether or not this is possible, but let them know that you can still do the job in office if they need you there.

Are There Chances to Grow at this Company?

Jobs should be stepping stones that lead to bigger and better things. Whether those better things are at the same job are up to your job. Find out if the company likes to promote from within, and whether or not it is common for someone at the company who wants to grow to be able to grow.

How Did Your Company Handle the Pandemic?

This is obviously a timely question, but it is also a very important one.

You want to make sure that you heard about how the company strived to adapt to this rapid change in the world rather than how they suffered and had to lay off a ton of employees.

You want to work for a place that won’t stop fighting in the face of adversity. If you don’t, you will work for a company that will lay off employees at the first sign of trouble.

Is There Anything I Said or Didn’t Say During This Interview That Raised a Red Flag For You?

This is a great opportunity to gauge your chances of getting the job as well as do some damage control. I asked this during one of my last job interviews and was able to explain why what I said was actually a misunderstanding, which the interviewer completely understood.

The interviewer might be worried that you didn’t mention a skill that’s required for the job, but you just didn’t think to talk about it during your interview. Regardless, this can be a question that turns a bad interview into a great interview.

What is the Office Culture Like?

No hiring manager is going to speak ill of their office culture. However, this is a good way to find out what the company values. If the hiring manager can site specific employees or specific things that employees do to build a rapport, you know that this is a friendly office that values its employees.

You can also gauge whether or not this is the type of culture you want to work in. You might or might not want an office where employees are super chummy and often go out after work. You might want to work for a company where your coworkers are friendly, but also keep their distance.



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