5 Tools to work from home.

5 Tools to Make Working at Home Easier

Now that many of us are working from home, it’s time to figure out what we can do to make this transition easier.

Whether you are the boss or another employee in the chain, it’s important to know what tools you can use to make the switch easier for you and everyone else at the company!

  1. Trello

Without board meetings, it can be difficult to assign projects to people and to get updates on how those projects are going. In this regard, Trello makes life a bit more easy.

With Trello, you can post projects to a group of people who then can assign themselves to the projects and offer updates on how they are doing. You can also tag people in posts so that they can be notified if you have any questions or if you have a time-sensitive update for them.

What really makes Trello great is the amount of customization and organization you can do on your board. You can have categories for your projects such as “Unassigned,” “In Progress” and “Finished,” and you can also assign projects by which department they are from.

  1. Task Rabbit

Just because most places are closed does not mean that everyone is not working. If you need a job done or else you can’t get started on your own work, Task Rabbit can help!

Task Rabbit offers a laundry list of freelance services in multiple fields that can help you get your tasks completed. You might be telling yourself that you don’t want strangers in your home especially during the pandemic, but there are loads of contactless tasks that your Task Rabbit can do to help! Do you need someone to deliver groceries, fulfill a prescription, or even do yard work? You can hire a Task Rabbit to do all of these things and more!

  1. Slack

Quite possibly one of the hardest things about working from is not being able to freely walk up to and speak to one of your coworkers when you need to. This is where Slack comes in handy.

Slack is essentially a virtual version of your office. You can instant message each and every person in your company, send them files, and create group chats with multiple coworkers.

Slack is also great for setting meetings and reminders across the company so that everyone stays on task! Once the pandemic and quarantine are over, your company may very well keep Slack even though you are back in the office!

  1. Skype

When you need to get ahold of someone and have a face-to-face meeting with them without literally being face-to-face, Skype is the best tool for the job. Simply go to the website and click the link to create a room that you can send to multiple people.

The best part about Skype is that it is completely free to use their basic service!

  1. Zoom Meetings

While Skype and Zoom are very similar, there is a distinct difference between the two. Skype is mainly built for one-on-one calls with more versatile software while Zoom is made for conference calls with multiple people.

You can also use Zoom to host webinars and training seminars for other people in the company! Although Skype and Zoom are similar, when you need to have a conference call with multiple people, Zoom is the way to go!

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