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Contact Tracers: The New Job That Pays Big!

As many of us go through the hardships of filing for unemployment, applying for jobs and saying ‘no’ to the hundreds of pyramid schemes that track us down, it would be nice to have a lifeline during this pandemonium.

Fortunately, there is a relatively new type of job that is beyond essential for containing COVID-19. This new job is called being a contact tracer.

What’s a Contact Tracer?

A contact tracer is someone who researches who a person might’ve come into contact with since contracting COVID-19, and where it may have originated.

Sure, this sounds like something from “Minority Report,” but it is actually a very essential job that you should consider.

You may be wondering whether or not the position is “safe” during the pandemic. You may wonder whether or not you need to do field research in order to track down the root cause of where they came into contact with the disease.

Not true.

The research you do will not require you to leave the safety of your home/office. You can stay safe and sound without having to worry about being a case for another contact tracer.

What Do I Need to Know How to Do?

Basic computer skills and research skills are a must. If you are fluent in languages other than English, it is a bonus because you will be able to do take the cases from people who don’t speak English.

Since you will be spending a lot of time on the phone, experience in customer care or customer service will come in handy as well.

If you have experience working for the government, that will look good on a resume as well.

What Does it Pay?

Some of the full-time positions pay in excess of $60,000 per year, according to a recent article. What’s even better is that across the country, hundreds of thousands of contact tracer positions need to be filled. The State of Illinois alone has allocated $80 million for their contract tracer program.

How Do I Get The Job?

You can find openings by search by your state and contract tracer or visiting your state site for job openings.. Do some research on the company, and make sure that the work you will be doing is safe and pays what you will need.

This job might just be for you; you just need to put your best foot forward, and that starts with a great-looking resume. If you need help crafting your resume or cover letter, we can help! Check out our online schedule, and get a free consultation to meet with a resume-writing professional!


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